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I Started a Blog!

Zen Vandelay- the Travel & Wellness blog to help you love your life a little more.


Hi! My name is Julie, and I’m so excited to have this site officially up and running so I want you to all know who I am! The woman behind the ~zen~ (If you knew how not zen I am, you’d know that’s a joke…). I’m just the average twenty-something, a year out of college, trying to figure out how to maneuver a full time job, a new city, and how to be a girlboss but also take as many naps as physically possible… (that nap part is NOT a joke…. big fan of the nap)

Life can get stressful and chaotic. This first year on my own has taught me that probably the MOST important thing you can do is to take control of your own happiness, and that is the idea behind this blog. I am taking control of my own happiness and deciding to ignore all potential cyberbullies, because I have always wanted to create my own site. But more importantly, I want to help all of YOU take control and actively pursue your happiness and excitement about life! Travel and wellness are honestly at the core of what makes me happy, so I want you all to have an idea of why I’m blogging about this and who I am. Here goes:

  • Washington DC native now living in Pittsburgh.
  • This is my first “big girl blog”!! (you know, besides the endless anonymous tumblr pages I made over the years)
  • I work full time 40+ hours a week. So I’m no longtime corporate professional, but I’ve definitely encountered the search for that mysterious “work-life balance” we hear so much about…
  • I graduated from college in 3 years- for basically the sole purpose of spending less on tuition and more on travel (SO worth those 22 credit hour semesters).
  • I get super stressed and anxious, sometimes for no good reason.

This last one is the big one in terms of why I’m blogging or why I expect anyone to listen to my thoughts on wellness. I am in no way a medical or health professional, but I am someone who has been working on managing my own stress and anxiety for years now. It seems to come in all types of forms for different people, and I have learned so much that I want to share. My goal for this blog is to create a positive, inspiring, helpful, and happy little corner of the internet where we can help each other grow together.

I hope that each of you benefit from this page in some way, or enjoy skimming at least half as much as I’m enjoying sharing it! 🙂