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Healthy Habits: How to Reset Your Routine

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It’s that first day back at work after vacation. My healthy habits are all messed up, and I feel gross. Sometimes you just get into a lazy cycle and I fully understand- It’s a HARD cycle to get out of!!

healthy habits reset green window

There are lots of reasons this can happen. Maybe you weren’t grocery shopping much because you need to save money. You thought, “if there is no food around, I’ll eat less.” Maybe it’s summer, or a holiday and your friends seem to want to drink all the time and eat crappy bar food. Maybe you’re swamped with work or school and you just get home at the end of the day and you’re exhausted. If you’re still extremely stressed and not sure if you’re ready to get to work yet, treat yo self! Maybe try out one of these stress relievers first.

For me lately, it’s been a little bit of everything. So today I am RESETTING.

Start fresh. Don’t give your self a hard time for eating all those mozzarella sticks. They were delicious. #noragrets… except that afterwards you kinda felt gross and had some “ragrets”.. but its okay!!! Clean slate here!!

The point of this is to FEEL BETTER. You’re not going to be able to do that if you’re beating yourself up about bad habits.

1- Shop for delicious healthy food.

I personally hate grocery shopping, so I understand if this isn’t exactly getting you super excited. But there are ways to make it more fun!! For me, basically just going to Trader Joe’s does that because I love that place.

You can also order groceries online if you don’t want to make the effort, or don’t have a car. Lifesaver grocery services like amazon pantry or instacart will get you anything you need with minimal effort. The point is, if you’re going to be healthy again, you need the tools to do that!! No eating ramen because you don’t have healthy groceries.

2- Do an EASY workout.

I’m talking easy, guys. This is the MOST important part because this is the mental block you need to get past. You haven’t been working out because you didn’t want to. Probably because you don’t think it’s fun or worth it. Probably because it hurts! And even though the hurt is good, you want to stay positive about changing your habits. Especially in the beginning of this process, so you need to think of exercise as fun.

Do something you enjoy! Anything that gets you moving. A Zumba video on YouTube with your friends, a few laps in the pool, or playing in the yard with your dog. Whatever you think is fun and not going to make you say “screw this I’m never working out again” when you’re done.

3- Mentally refocus.

Meditate, do some yoga, or maybe journal with some relaxing music. Get out of that mental funk full of excuses and procrastination. Recognize that this is a new phase. A positive, healthy, productive one.

I find that it helps to do this after my two main tasks of grocery shopping and a workout because then I already feel GOOD. I feel proud that I already finished the hardest activities, and this helps me focus and get to a positive place – to meal prep with some music. 🙂

4- Meal prep.

You’re focused. You’ve already worked out. Hopefully at this point you are feeling that confidence in yourself. You got this! And you know what’s going to make your life so much easier? Having healthy food ready so that you don’t use time or fatigue as an excuse to eat junk.

Many people find that meal prepping is a stress relaxing activity that will absolutely make you feel great about your progress. So maybe you haven’t started eating healthy yet, but you ARE making MAJOR progress. Cooking healthy and planning ahead of time is more than half the battle. (If you’re like me and not a natural chef, I recommend putting on some music, getting some coffee, and opening my laptop to whatever “easy recipes” I’ve found on Pinterest.)

5- Write down your priorities.

Look at how much you have accomplished by now! You are already killing it, and this is a great time to take that positivity and sense of accomplishment to evaluate what your goals are. They can be small, long term, big dreams, or just practical to-do list items. Just be honest about what you are really working towards. It will help you maintain that clarity as you build healthy habits.

6- Plan ahead.

Get a planner!! I love writing everything out in a planner, but after college, I felt like my old planner was useless. All of a sudden everything revolved around my outlook calendar. I was always going back and forth between my work laptop and miscellaneous post-it notes or phone reminders. This did not help with my peace of mind.

I spent a lot of time looking around for a planner that I liked, and decided that this Erin Condren planner is my favorite.

Erin Condren Planner

I personally could not wait for it to come in the mail, so I bought from her Staples line in the store, but if you order online (here) you will have a million more personalization options.

The best thing about it is that you can set up 3 different categories for each day, because the headings are blank. So basically, you can use this planner for anything! You could use it for school assignments one week and then focus on totally different categories for summer break. No new planner needed! You could use the whole book as a meal planner, fitness tracker, a family coordinator- anything you can think of. Its also a bonus that you can make it personalized and buy tons of cute add ons through the Erin Condren site here.

Writing out your goals and planning a schedule will help you stay on track, and maintain your new positive routine. Your future self will be thankful.


xo, Julie


I want to hear from you! What helps you get out of a funk and back to being healthy? Let me know what you think.